I know no one will help me but here it is...but can someone help me with my retail tycoon game

I know this is very hard to do because my code is messed up. If you can do it please publish remix it and the link. Also your username from hopscotch so if you do it I can give a 100 likes, a follow, a shoutout, and credit on the update. Don’t be fusurated if you can’t do it because I can’t do it and I’ve been on featured 2 times. I am trying to make cupcake stop to the shelf and then to the cash register and if there is a shelf and a freezer cupcake goes to both.Here’s the link to it: HELP!!! . And here is a pic of it.


Okay what do you need help on

I need cupcake to stop at the shelf, the register, and then to the right out of the screen. If there is a freezer and a shelf it stops to everything and going back and does that forever.

I will try my best friend

How do you get to that part I am having trouble

Just buy the shelf and the register. Buy the register first.

I am having trouble I wish @FoodDelivery was here then he would fix it

Yeah I know it's hard. That's why I need help.

LOL my project on featured has 499 likes and I just want one more.

Sorry... I have no clue what is happening in the project :0

I know it is so messed up.

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I'm a bit confused. So you want it to stop at the shelf correct? And btw, where is the project? I can't seem to access it for some reason.

Okay so I tried it and I guess you can use liked the wait button for it to pause...?

Yes I use the wait button a lot in that @romantics.

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