I Know (a Hopscotch farewell poem)


I Know

I know some of you reading this are fans

Others don't know me

I know that my time here has been extraordinary

I know I have accomplished things I never thought possible

Inspired others and believed

I have coded, and teamed

I had become a part of the community

But I know

I haven't been posting,

I know have faded away from the community.

I know the people I inspired are now better than me

The friends I called dear, are now gone

I am all that is left now...

I stand in a void more dark than I can believe

I sit in a circle of inhumanity

I know I am dying

Fading away from Hopscotch like my blood fails to flow

I drift away, leave one magical world, and enter a dark, dangerous one

With age comes responsibility,

But responsibility is the last thing I need

Of course, no one can be young forever

Not ever Peter Pan

The pixie dust that makes me fly...

Has run dry.

And as I sit, far from one world, and deep into another

I know...

I know I made mistakes

Made some enimies

But my time at Hopscotch was free

I enjoyed all around me

And felt one with the code I made

But now I sit in this void

Wishing to be saved

The void is the real world

We all enter it

Now here I sit

Wishing I was still free

Not held by the chains of responsibility

But of course, that is a dream

I know...

I am no longer free

Farewell to all at Hopscotch. My time here has been priceless, but it is time I go. I feel everyone has this moment at Hopscotch where they fade away. It hasn't been official that I have left, so I needed to say my goodbyes in a good way. Have fun! Keep hopscotching

My final post,

-Chase, or known as CrookedCat




Awe, bye... I'll miss you, have fun with life :)


I will miss you. Good luck in real life. Bye.



Goodbye :frowning: ;n;


+1 rep

Aww, bye. ;-;


Great poem (╹◡╹)

I hope you had a great time on the forum ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ


I like how you say have funwith life like everyone on hopscotch forums doesn't have one


:frowning: bye....I haven't seen you before but by the way you speak you look like a really great person...and thats what matter most in life.I hope to see you here if you come back!


Uhh... I'm not sure what to say now XD


Uhh... I'm not even sure of what Misterdellama said XD


What does this mean


Bye ;-; have fun IRL
I know we never talked, but we will miss you!


Never mind. :stuck_out_tongue:


Bye, @CrookedCat6519 :(


I never knew you

But a' miss I'll do

to you

and perhaps everyone else does,

too. :anguished:


aw well bye man I'll miss you I guess