I keep getting tagged



I keep getting tagged along with a lot of other people in a section of the post called tags. I am not even INTERESTED in the post so why do you tag me?


They tag people so more people look at the post


It's still annoying. Could they at least stop tagging me!


I don't know how to stop it just tell them to stop if they keep doing it


They want as many people as possible to look at their post. It does get annoying, as we keep getting tagged to topics we don't always want to go to! I would just ignore it and/or ask them to stop tagging you


I'm trying to do that with this post, but I will go to the posts I got tagged in and ask them.


All I had to do was reply to a couple of tags and say that I didn't want to be tagged, and people left me alone. I enter every new topics anyways (at least when its working), so there isn't a point to tagging me.


I actually like getting tagged because what if I didn't see the topic and it was really cool? Also it's nice having someone willing me give support to their topic :wink::+1: