I just need to say this



Plz don't flag.

My Reason

Does anyone even care about me?
Be honest.
I bet some of you don't.

My Situation:

You people made me feel like a nobody.
I'm not just saying this to make me have more attention. I'm saying it because this is how I feel
When I had my general topic, not a lot of people replied. And don't bother replying to that topic.
When you guys did that, I felt left out. D:
I was hurt. Really bad.
I felt like I didn't belong here.


Pretty deep speech
Just know that someone cares


Fren, I have one thing to say.

I care.

I do. I really, truly do. You can't feel like nobody cares because I will always care. You are an amazing person. And you have other frens too, like Enchanted. I don't want you to leave because of this. I'll be there for you. When you're on the road, I'm gonna be there. When you're hanging on, I'm gonna be there. (Sorry song reference XD). I know what it's like to feel unnoticed, and I don't want anyone to feel the same. You got this. I know you. I'm sorry if I hurt you. Anything bad I did to you was a mistake and I regret it. You're not nobody. You're an awesome person. Please,don't feel like this. Feel loved, because you are. The only reason I (and a lot of other people) havnt seen your general topic is cuz they haven't seen it. Come on, I know you. You're so upbeat and positive. This isn't you. So let it go. And I care.



I do! I care about everybody on the forum, and I'm not just saying this to make you happy.


I do care
I do care about every Forumers
And everybody who cares about me

I do care for you
Like I care about the other Forumers


Question: Why would you think that people do not care because they didn't replied to your general topik?:slight_smile:


I know how you feel... I'm pretty sure everyone knows how you feel.
we all start out small... and then we grow big in time!


Becuz most general topics have over 200 posts in it, I guess it made me feel like mine wasn't wut I wanted it to be like.


I invited a close fren who might want to see this. :slight_smile:


My general topic is dead lol


dat is the nicest things someone ever said about me!
And who said I was leaving? -3-


You're very welcome. :D
Well, most people leave if they say this :0


@VanillaBlossom, you made your general topic for a purpose. You just need to find out what its purpose is and use it. Like I use mai general topik to talk with mai frens without being off-topic.:wink:


My general topic is nothing serious....
don't worry! we all start out small!

EDIT: That should be my catchfrase
me spell wrong XD


Ha, @Rainboom was just a bit concerned. She is a nice person.:smile:


That would be a cool title!




Wow, thanks! ;u;


You're welcolm
I'm ran out of leikes


Surprise surprise :stuck_out_tongue: