I just joined the forum!๐Ÿ˜€


Welcome @JessieCA!
sorry I'm late (as usual) XD.

HI! I'm Komplettverrรผcktjunge but call me KVJ!

Do I follow you?

If you ever need help, just type "@KVJ" to tag me! Do so anytime :wink:


On your first day you have limited replies. I'm pretty sure you've reached that limit...

What you can do is edit an earlier post by clicking the pencil by one of your posts. Click that, add in the message and tag who you're talking to :wink:


Hi @JessieCA! See this topic for some cool topics to look at:


Welcome! I'm so glad your here! Tag me like: @bluedogmc-official if you need help :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Welcome to the forums, @JessieCA!


Welcome to the Forum :D
I hope you'll get a great time here!


Welcome :smiley:

....I don't know what to say

awkward silence


Welcome to the fourm! Remember to stay on topic! (Unlike me in a couple seconds)

desgins welcome to the fourm dance


Welcome to the forum! It's a brilliant community!


Here's a present:

I know, it's a bit plain but eh.


Congrats for the Feature! :D


Welcome to the forum @JessieCA! :D
Congrats on the feature! It's a very kewl project!

Some topics to check out (click the :mag: to find them)

The topics that other people have said here! These include Anonymous' tutorial and the Community Guidelines.

Nominations for Featured! If you ever find a really awesome project that you think deserves a Featured, then post the link in this topic!

Post Your Woah Moments! What happens if @Valgo or @CreationsOfANoob likes your project? Take a screenshot and post it here!

Drawing on Paper Compared to an iPad (Official 3)! The title explains it all. XD

Imagination is cool, so use it here! If you want to relax or write a Hopscotch-related story, post here!

If you need help, just @ me! Like this: @Sensei_Coder


Hi! Welcome! I hope you have an awesome time in here! I am always here to help, just tag me at @BerryFOX!


This is a late welcome, but hi!
Welcome to the forums!

Remember to stay on topic, make only topics that are useful, be nice, and always be yourself! :slight_smile:

Thanks for joining! I can help you out if you need it.


Hi @JessieCA!!! c: c: c:
Welcome to the forum!!! c: c: c:
You will have a amazing time here!!! c: c: c:
My sister is @maltese! c: c: c: She's super nice!!! c: c: c:
If you ever need my help or my sisters help you
can tag me like the @ sign and then my name
For example:
Have fun!!! c: c: c:
By the way I love your projects!!! c: c: c:


Thank you both so much!