I just joined the forum!😀


Welcome!! You'll have a great time here. :smiley:

Here's a tutorial to get you started:

Have fun! If you ever have any questions or need some help feel free to tag me by putting an @ before my username (@Intellection74). :)


Welcome @JessieCA to the hopscotch forum! If you need any help, tag me like this: @Explorer_


Thank you so much for the help! I hope we'll get to work on a collaboration!


You're so kind, thank you! I can't wait to see what you'll do next!


I'm so excited to be on here! Thank you for the support on my first post! :blush:


Your welcome!
Congrats on your feature! So excited to see what you will make next!!

On your first day you have limited replies so use them wisely :D
And make sure to check out the community guidelines!


Thank you for the advice! Would you like to work on a Collab?


I would love to but I'm in a lot of Collabs right now!

Definatly I would love to do one another time though!


Hello! Welcome to the forum! :D :D


Thank you! I'm excited to be on here!


Hows life? :s


Awesome! Thank you for the post!


Be sure to check out my Collab post!


Quick question: How do you get labels like, " steals emoticons"? I would really like to learn how!


It is a thing the Mods can give out, unfortunately they are not doing them anymore ;-;


Those are called "titles". Only forum Moderators (Kiwicute2016, BuildASnowman, and PopTart0219) can change titles. They used to randomly change them, but now they only do them for special events like contests. You get a title that says "Regular" when you reach the regular trust level, though!

Here's a post about trust levels for more information:


Welcome @JessieCA!
sorry I'm late (as usual) XD.

HI! I'm Komplettverrücktjunge but call me KVJ!

Do I follow you?

If you ever need help, just type "@KVJ" to tag me! Do so anytime :wink:


On your first day you have limited replies. I'm pretty sure you've reached that limit...

What you can do is edit an earlier post by clicking the pencil by one of your posts. Click that, add in the message and tag who you're talking to :wink:


Hi @JessieCA! See this topic for some cool topics to look at:


Welcome! I'm so glad your here! Tag me like: @bluedogmc-official if you need help :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: