I just joined and I’m super sick.


I’m very depressed and I’m bored. Can I join a collab or something? And how do you post pictures ;-;


Hello, someone might have a list of collabs, but I do not.

To post a picture, when you’re replying, tap the little arrow pointing up in the tool bar and go from there. Or you can copy and paste pictures from the web. Just make sure any pictures are on a line all by themselves.

Lastly…depression…I feel for you. Eat a banana…they help.

Also, since you just joined, I suggest reading these:




Oh, I also see that you want to see some of your favorite Hopscotchers! Just tag them by putting an @ sign before their forum username. For instance, if we were going to tag Maltese♥️ (you may or may not know her. She left Hopscotch, but she is remembered as a great trail artist) you would type @Maltese. If the text has that gray area around it, it will give them a notification.


Are you throwing that word around orr


No, I’m very sad. It’s family stuff. Everything is in a shade of grey now. But I’m getting better.




Welcome to the forum! I hope that you get better soon! There are indeed some nice collabs here, tap on this text: #collabs-requests-competitions and see if you can join any of the collabs.

For a great user tutorial, you can type:
@discobot start new user in a post or visit this great topic:
Must Read for New Users!


Hey Lucky


I hope things continue to get better…actually, they will in their own time.


Welcome @Luckykitten

So many people helped you already…

However feel free to tag me if you have any questions!


Ok so hi I’m Ducks_Happy Ducks are happy on the app! so hi
I’m super sorry your depressed if ya need someone to talk too I’m here for ya!
And I like collabs so if your desperate we can make one!