I just got my account back I logged off to make a new one then I forgot my username I got it back now 😄YAY😄


This was yesterday night and I got my account back it was three words with spaces in between but I put three words and no spaces SORRY OF THIS IS CONFUSING


Re-welcome to the forum!



If you want to male a newmaccount, remember to use _! And again, re-welcome to the forum! :smile:


Woah long title. O_o
Anyways, welcome back! :smile:


Welcome back!!!
I'm glad you got back into your account!!! :D


Welcome back buddy!!!!


Hi Rawrbear I've seen your hopscotch games there great!


Welcome back!!!!!!!!!

Also yes, @Rawrbear's games are awesome!


Welcome back @Over_powered_wizard1! :D


Thank you! :D