I just got likes from 2 famous hopscotchers


I got some likes from @t1_hopscotch 2 or 3 days ago! It was not on the forum, and 5 days ago I got followed by @xamanion_studios


Wow, nice!
That's really cool!


Wow! Congrats and welcome to the forum! :D

Try to search before you post by clicking the search button on the right corner!

Here's a topic where you can post that!

Also, is your profile pic your face? You may want to change that. :wink:


@megaman3 is that you in ur profile pic? either way you have to change that bc the rules are no pictures of people or personal info that could end up in big problems!


Congrats! That's really cool :D

Maybe instead of making your own topic post this on the "Post you WOAH moments here" topic!

Again, congrats!

When @LazyLizard already posted ordtty much the same thing ಠ_ಠ lol


A belated congrats!!!


Wow great job