I just got access to my original account. This is a topic for me to post the experience of seeing my drafts from 2014


I accidentally put everything in the title.


oh wow

let us see


Hey dude. You got banned!?


No, check newest on Hopscotch.

I have ten drafts. Most of which are untitled. Opening them now. (Cringe warning)


First one: dance show

It’s published now


Second one: untitled


Third one: untitled (it’s gorilla repeatedly drawing lines)


Fourth one: untitled
It’s monkey growing. What was ten your old me expressing with this?


Fifth draft: untitled
Wow. That’s like something my brother would make. Except he’s eleven now. He’s older than I was when I made this


Sixth draft: untitled
Literally just gorilla with no code. I spend five minutes resetting my password after waiting three days for Liza to connect an email to that account for this?


Seventh draft: Dad tap one time when ugh Gets to set off the. Tap again make 4 Loud noises and you have buety

Just… wow


Eight draft: walking people
Woah! Exclusive never before seen update of my first Hopscotch project


this is such a pleasant experience


Ninth draft: demo project
Possible demo for Hopscotch? I vaguely remember it if that’s what it is


Final draft: people walking
Never before seen wip of my first ever Hopscotch project! This is from June 6th 2014


You had a lot of boring stuff there I see.



Look at what I made when I was ten
I forgot about this.


Guys I might have resurrected the how old is everyone project from 2014

@LunaMorgana387 you are on it. I ah don’t to extend the 12+ section because everyone is in it by now.


These are so funny and wonderfully pointless it reminds me of watching old videos or looking at my old art like I can’t even begin to comprehend my thought process when I was like 11


Hahahahaha me too

There’s this one thing I made when I was ten that’s super funny.

Let me find it