I just finished making another game!


It's a shirt making game. Here is the link
I worked pretty hard on it. Have fun :smile: https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/ycwwt7ipe


Wow, I love it! That's a really awesome project! There's so many things to choose.

I can't choose whether I want a bear tank top or a flower one this iS AGONY


Awesome game! I took a screenshot. It is pretty funny


Awesome game!

I'm hungryyyyy...


@Strongerthanyou @Maltese thank you :smile:


Thank you lol :smile::smile: :hotdog::hamburger::pizza::cookie::popcorn::chocolate_bar::cake::icecream::fries::taco:


No problem. (By the way, I decided to make a bear/flower tank top instead. XD)


XD cool lolololololol :laughing:


XD best tank top ever lol




Did you notice that you have a featured!


Yeah, I was really happy when I found that out. My games are getting a lot more likes now!


Cool. That belongs on rising!


Thank you!

What are the rising and trending sections even for though i never figured that out lol


Rising is (I think) for projects that are almost good enough for featured, and trending is automatic.