I just don't understand why they would get likes for just remixing projects?


When I was looking in HS I saw that hsers got likes for just remixing @Madi_Hopscotch_'s
lemonade stand project??!
Idk why I made this topic?
But idk why they would get likes for just remixing it???


Thats weird...


Vote if that's WIERD or common!!

  • That's really weird
  • That's common


Votes are public.


It's old. 74 weeks. 1 year, over actually. Lots of people must have liked then.


I've remixed things and got likes for it but not games that someone worked really hard on!!!?


It's a remix, you're well known, and people like almost every project of the 'well known'. ;-;


One of them got like 200 likes


Maybe it's because of what you did. People searched up Lemonade Stand and found those remixes as well. They saw them and likes it because it's just like the original :wink:


Yes I have seen this too.. some people I saw got like 200 or 300 likes for just remixing it...


Pats back
It's :ok_hand:.
Some people remix my projects, take away everything, and post something like 'Like if you like the Cavaliers.


Sometimes I accidentally :heart:️ the project because I don't see it's a remix.

But that many :heart:️s....


Why are you liking them?


What do you mean @AwesomeNachos??!


That's very strange... o_0


Your screenshot shows you liked it. :0


Oh I must've accidentally liked them!!!
Ill unlike them right now!!:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


OMG and they actually said in the corner that they made it >:C




Hahah imma try that on a test account XD


In the corner where it said "Made by -Madi-" They changed it to "Made by 80sStuffed Animal"!