I Just Don't Get It :(



How does it make sense that this doesn't go on featured but this does? I took way more time and effort on the first one than the person that made the second one did.

I'm just asking a question. I don't want anybody to go and like the game, I'm just asking people why this happens.


Maybe THT noticed that one and put it on


@admins noticed mine, they even liked it. But I'm not asking for it to go on featured. I'm just asking why it didn't.


From what I looked, those are different games. Also your one is buggy on the web player, and I didn't understand it... I'm not the Hopscotch team though! They have their reasons.


One time, I showed a project they noticed, they liked it, but probably not enough for featured.


Ever since the web player was made, no projects have ever worked on the web player for me.
i have a core i5 8gb ram, 2gb graphcis,windows 8,internet explorer,chrome browser, no special settings.
I left multiple messages on the forum topic and never got back a reply from the Hopscotch Team about this.


They work OK on my computer on most projects, but I can see that some objects are not in their usual place and things sometimes.


They just didn't notice the other one at that time, but I think it's an amazing game :wink:


Sometimes it matters on popularity ( I know not fair) -


I think ThT features what they think is worthy to be featured, albeit many people have different opinions on a multitude of projects, in the end we gave to understand that they are the ones who update Featured and will ultimately decide what is best for the community :slightly_smiling: