I just...can't handle it

I just need to take a break. A short one.
This isn't Hopscotch related. I'm sorry.


Oh bye....

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K bye...


Okay, see you.

We will miss you for the short time your going to be off.
-@Sweater and @PotatoLover3

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Okay… bye :wave:
(1 character)

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That turned out shorter than I expected–but I definitely feel better now that I've reflected on what I can do to help the Forum :blush:


Bye waffy. I will miss you. Waff waff waff waff. Bye waff waff.

Don't worry, I am back now :blush:

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@BellaWafflez17 -is an i.dot.- -can't even do a thing without messing up- -waffs away- oh can you be my senmpi?

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You are definitely not an idiot, everyone makes mistakes. :slight_smile:
Wait, I am your senpai?