I just can't do this


Not that anybody will care about me leaving, but I'm still making a humungo speech.

The forum used to be a happy place where there wasn't this much sadness. Now, lots of people are sad, leaving, or angry. I just can't stand all this. It makes me want to cry. I thought the Hopscotch Community would've pulled themselves together by now. I'm going to take a nice long break, and when I get back, I hope Hopscotch will have recovered from the leader demotion. I will get on from time to time to keep my regular, but I won't post that much.

As for the app, coding is just too stressful at the moment. I am not good at it. I haven't even got trending yet. Even worse, I haven't gotten a single featured. Some people who joined way after me have gotten featured. I know that I should keep trying, but it seems impossible. When I come back, maybe I'll try again.

I've had a great experience here. I hope when I come back, it will be as fun as it was when I joined. Here are some shoutouts for some people who have changed my life forever.

@KVJ- You were the first person to help me on that topic. I was so happy when you replied that first day. You have helped me to become a better coder and have inspired me with your amazing work. I truly believe you have the qualities to become a leader or mod. You are such an amazing person, you are funny, happy, inspiring, and helpful. I hope you have a great life and continue to inspire every hop you meet.

@SmileyAlyssa- Even before I found the forum, I saw your account. I immediately was inspired to be like you. I was in awe when I played your projects! I check your account a lot just to see if you've made a new game. When I joined the forum and saw that you were there, I was so happy. It was an amazing experience talking with you. I hope you have an amazing, successful life.

@DragonLover975- Thank you for being the first person to ever reply to me. You helped me create polls! I'm sad I never got to talk to you further. I hope you have an amazing life.

@BB-Box- Thank you for helping me on that first day, it means a lot. It was fun having those hours and hours of chatting and messing around. Dun dun duuuuuun! XD I will always remember you. You are very kind and are an amazing coder. I hope you have an amazing, awesome life.

@Maltese- Thank you so much for talking to me, it means a lot to me. It was super fun creating a Maltese Day project. You are funny and are an amazing artist. I loved showering you in compliments and quote editing your posts. I hope you follow your dreams and have an amazing life. You are an amazing person.

@Madi_Hopscotch_- I can't believe you even talked to me. It was phenomenal! Lemonade stand was one of the first projects I ever played and I loved it! Thank you for creating all those creative games and inspiringly countless others. You are one of the most creative, kind hops out there.

@TheRealBlah- Congrats on that feature! I hope you get lots more and continue to be an amazing, kind, creative hope.

@Sweetlina- You are such a helpful hop. As soon as you signed up for judge on my Pair Contest, I was so excited! I hope you have an amazing, awesome life,

There's countless others that I didn't include. Thank you all!

I will stay on for the Pair Contest. I can't wait for those projects!


NOO! You are amazing, kind and awesome!
I think the sadness has stopped.
Have a nice break, see you!


The only reason this is happening because there are no solid rules. I asked Liza to update them or maybe make an off topic category that would be moderated with so many good things but of course she doesn't even notice.

I have the feeling that they are focusing too much on the app itself, and not the forum. Well suc.ks to be them, they're watching their own community crumble when they're trying so hard to lift it up


I appreciate the support, but am I really kind, amazing or awesome? I'm not trying to offend you, just wondering, :slight_smile:


Yeah, I'm sorry to say that this is kind of true. No offense to THT though. They are trying so hard,


Yes, I think so. You are very positive here and on HS. Never give up!
On HS, I don´t think I have liked your projects in a while. They are awesome, but I mostly code since I can´t play a lot of projects because I have the old hopscotch.


I'm not giving up, just taking a nice, LONG, break. :smiley: Also, thanks, it means a lot


I hope it is nice.
I will miss you!


I understand how you feel. You haven't gotten featured yet? Nonsense. You're lying.

I appreciate all the compliments I've recieved from you, you're a really awesome person. I'm also so grateful that you made a project for me, someday I'll return the favor :)

I'll see you when you get back. In the meantime, do something you love! Do something that makes you happy. :smile:


Thank you so much (yet again)!

Don't you dare leave or I will Komplek you.


Thanks so much! I'm almost crying from happiness from that speech.

And also, I haven't gotten featured XD


I'll come back once I've cooled down. Sorry, I just can't stand all the anger and ha.te and sadness.


i can't read all dat :0


YOU HAVEN'T?!'!'?! Huh.

Weird. Really weird.

I'll be right back.


Nice topic! In thirteen minutes! Woah.


That worries me. XD sorry


Well then stay and help cool the flames down; you're more than sweg enough to do that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


After all these compliments, I'm probably not going to take that long off. I'll come back soon


That's better young punawan Hop.

Just stay and keep this forum filled with your sweg


I'll at least take a break from it today. Then I'll probably come back because of your awesomeness