I just can't. Bye


Yes. Same as @EnchantedAnimallover. I'm getting addicted... Not much anymore, but I used to use my iPad at night when my parents were downstairs. I was caught. I can't have electronics upstairs because my parents don't trust me. I need to spend more time with God. Do my devotions. So I will be logging out one last time. For a while. I might never come back. I will leave Hopscotch. I love you. This is a personal choice.


First reply!

Hope you come back soon, bye!


Goodbye… hope to see you soon


@MiracleShoutouts @KVJ I'm planning to come back probably sometime in 2017


I understand.

I'll miss you! You're so kind, and such a great member of the community!


Well, I am happy that you are coming back!


Yay! That's good news!

but do feel free to come earlier :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



I just deleted it. I'm logging out. Hope to see you at least next January.


And thanks coding cupcake. You are so kind and an inspirational christian


Awwww thanks so much! You're so nice!That's my goal!


Okay: BYE







I get you.

It's pretty annoying being addicted?

Well bye....


See ya hope u come back happier


I'm sorry fren. Goodbye. You're so helpful and kind I'm sad you have to leave but goodbye


Sad to see you leave :cry:, I wish we could have done more things as coding partners. I fully respect your decision though, have a great time while you are not here. :slight_smile:


Sad to see you leave. Hope you come back 2017 or any time in the future.


Well, if possible, please one day try to come back!


Ok, goodbye. I understand. I'm started to get addicted too.



I am also quitting, just here for the rest of the day and tomorrow.
I am getting too addicted too!