I heard it was Hopscotch's Birthday soon!



Happy birthday, Hopscotch! May you be brought lots of joy. Here are a few pictures I drew/ wrote for you!

This was so fun to draw!

Inspired by the Martian.

Charollete is actually Chillina.

Promise me you WILL have a happy, wonderful birthday.


Ft hey are very good drawing happy birthday hopscotch



Wow, amazing, cool, great, awesome, shall I go on?


here is a thing to celebrate


Let's nominate a person to make a mega project dedicated to hopscotch and the makers of hopscotch saying thank you.


Those are awesome drawing!! I can't draw... :joy:


@SmileyAlyssa could maybe make a project
Or @MagmaPOP


Yeah I hear their really good at coding


You heard? They ARE good at coding.


What day is the birthday?


April 16th!