I have WiFi, but it searching won’t work


but if everyone made a bug report on one issue, it’d just clog the forum.


wow there’s already 3 topics on this one thing hmm


There is a designated space for reports like these. I understand your concern, but this is a large problem and needs to be expressed. The space may be clogged up for some point in time, but when it’s fixed there will no longer be these reports. There are also other things that can go wrong too, so there would be a mix.


yes, but all of these reports would clog newest and latest.

I’m going to go now ûwû.


Again, there are other reports that can be filed. This isn’t the only thing out there.


Another topic has been made about this already. This seems to be a common problem. It’s normal.


And AwesomeNachos is saying exactly that. You don’t need to file more than one report for the same bug ; D


You can if you want to @tankt2016


But there’s the SBYP thing people like to enforce.
Sure, you’re allowed, but people might not like it.


The same thing has occurred to me. I was going to make a topic for it, but seeing how you already did, there is no need to.


It does not matter what others think @tankt2016


Sometimes. Not always.
It’s important that you listen to others sometimes, you know.


I do, but other times you just have to do what your heart tells you to do without being peer pressured.


True. I like how you said that. : )


Yeah! Even when I’m online, it does that only for the projects, but you can se the profiles easily


Hey guys, this problem has already been put in a different topic. Ana was online talking about it if you wanna go there…


Oh, sorry.
I just replied to this topic and scrolled up


Come join us voting if you have this problem. :grinning::grinning::grinning:


what is the other project called?


I have seen several users reporting this issue as well. I don’t use the search function too often, but I have not experienced this bug yet.