I have weird drafts that I didn't make


I have a lot of drafts that don't have a title and when I click on them, it get me out of hopscotch temporarily. Does anyone have this problem? The drafts look like this


Same with me it's a glitch I thinkg


Try clicking the cloud with the arrow I the top right corner,
If that doesn't work, contact THT at hello.gethopscotch@gmail.com
They might be able to help you :3


They didn't go away. And I also have 19 or 20 of them


Yes, I have the exact same problem.
I keep trying to tap the link, but it glitches me out.


Before it happened, I had a draft that kept popping up no matter how many times it was deleted, and I could tap it without glitching but if I published it, the project would automatically disappear. Now it's gone for good, I think


I already made a post about this


It happened to several other people, not sure what to say.

system :0


I do! But I only have one draft like that.