I have uncovered a BUG



With projects and the webplayer, they go straight to hopscotch. I just found that after I exit the project, it is in my drafts. @liza @Ian, anything you can do?


Hm, what do you mean? Can you give specific steps that you're taking and what goes wrong? Thank you!!


I am having webplayer glitches where they won't play along with my friends who try to play my stuff. I feel ya!


Step 1: click the link and web player does its fancy stuff and goes into hopscotch.
2: play the project through and through, exit the project
3: I went to following for a brief moment, then my profile
4: looked at the little cloud icon at the top, then went into and got really worried because my iPad erased all my projects (also another glitch, but my school iPad has kept them safe. So I dint really lose them)
5: ta-da!


Off topic but:
I like your new profile pic :stuck_out_tongue:


Some projects don't work on the web player yet :frowning: but we're working on these bugs! You can always send us an email with the link that doesn't work so we know to fix it!

Thanks for your patience!


Thanks for this info!!!

Just to make sure I understand:

You're opening a project in the web player on your iPad and then playing it in the web player. Then you're going back to Hopscotch and going into the community.

Then what happens?


Hi Liza, I realized a lot of the code gets messed up when it comes to the webplayer, for example,

    Smooth Backgrounds
    Objects that don't have the set position block get moved around
    Drawing pads normally are blank and don't work



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Yeah, common bugs with colors are:

-everything with Set Color is black (common)
-half color, half black (really common)
-doesn't Set Color until after restarting (really common)
-being completely invisible (sometimes)


Just a question though... On Wednesday did you delete old projects? I remember in the old times there was a project by "Code4Life", the Mona Lisa. It was amazing, but I think 75 weeks old. Now when I open it, there is no code left. That was intended to reduce lag, right? (Or left?)


I think it might be that old codes don't work anymore, but I might be wrong.


Yes maybe, but just last week I looked at this project and it still worked


Whenever I open a project older than a year, my iPad immediately crashes


Really? It stopped working for me since around summer last year (2015).


Well, idk then 🙃
Still worked for me last week


I think we just uncovered a new bug!


What kind of device do you use?

I use an iPad Air

Does that mean all our projects will get deleted in a year? D:


I use an iPad Air as well. Our projects probably won't show blank unless the HT removes the blocks, alters them, or it is blank.


Sorry, homework.

If you have hopscotch, the webplayer opens hopscotch and doesn't play in webplayer. Then, I see the project in my drafts