I have to get my grades up



I checked my grades this morning, and they are going down. I went from As to Bs and A-s. I am going to stay off the forum and Hopscotch for the rest of the school year, so I can get my grades back up. It is only a week and a half, and then I will be back on normally. :)


Ok! See you after school ends! (Summer has already started for me)


Oh okay I thought you said that you won't be on for a whole year!

We're lucky!

Also, did rawry write back?


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*Sees topic with #hopscotchbreak by Dude73
wakes up and reads topic*

You scared me for a second there. xD

Good luck getting your grades back up, and I'll be waiting for you when you come back! :smile:


Good luck! Break a leg! :-•P
I hope you get your grades up! But I don't think they're really that bad…But yet again, we don't get grades.


Good luck getting your grades up! :smiley:
See ya soon!


You can do it @Dude73!
See you soon!


Can you at least tell me if rawr writes back?


You scared meh there XD

See you in 1 1/2 weeks! My school lets out around the same time as yours.
What if we go to the same school district O.o


You guys probably do!

Becuase dudde73 knows a ton!


What did you want from him. He told me that he quit everything that had Hopscotch in it. He forgot to make a goodbye project.


I allready got dude73 to do it!


Hey guys, great news! I worked really had today and got my missing assignments in, talked to my teachers, and my grades are already up! I didn't know it would be this fast, but I'm back now! :smile:


Wow, that was fast! Congratulations! :D


PS. I am usually above average on my reports. And in my school our parents only gets to see our reports twice a year.:wink:


this is grade calculator website https://gradecalculator.me/


Oh yikes this is an old topic

Thank you? I’ve fixed myself some good study habits now, so grades aren’t a struggle anymore. Thanks for the website, though.


Hi nindroid


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