I have to get more ideas for my game



so this my game and I have some Random stuff so can you guys help me spice it up...

Sorry they are upside down
It has a countdown and then I have no ideas whatsoever so can you help


Place some animals on the screen. Get a ice cream emoji. Push to back.Set emoji value random 1 to 10 (enter 10 or however many animals you have onscreen)
When play pressed-check once if emoji value = 9 then set (animal 9) x position and y position. Animal 9 would be any animal you choose. When animal 9 is tapped backflip.(ice cream emoji will be seen if it's behind animal 9)
When ice cream is tapped have an invisible text "you found the ice cream" become visible.

Put this code in for each animal with emoji value = 8 and set animal 8 x and y value for example.


what should the game do?