I have some questions


Why did Anon ask to be suspended then get unsuspended then start acting so weird? Honestly, hasn't he been acting weird? He's always been weird but not in a good way anymore. @Anonymous, please read this and respond with a serious answer. What does @CreativeCoder have to do with it all? He was the "reason" for Anon's "suspension".
Once @PopTart0219 leaves, is Kiwicute2016 gonna have to moderate on her own?
What has the forum become?
Why do things feel so strange and frustrating here?
please no theories or silliness. Let's be factual and mature on this topic, thicks. :wink:
P.S. I feel left out. I feel like things I don't understand are happening.


People change. Things Happen. It's probably what not to bring attention to all this but Idk.


@BuildASnowman is also a mod :wink:
I seriously dunno what happened, anon asked to be suspended, I dunno why creative coder had to do with this tho :\

But everyone changes and people are just moving on


@bluedogmc-official and @smishsmash

What do you mean things are changing? What's changing? Who's moving on from what?


Make sure to stay on topic :wink: :D


It's just life. People change, things in life change and people adapt as best as they can.


Haha sorry :stuck_out_tongue:


@CreativeCoder: I'm a dudette…


Who are you talking about? And how have they changed?


People are changing. They are finding other interests they enjoy more than coding on HS and talking in the forum, some want to become more advanced coders, some want to focus on studies, sports, etc!

You can't stop this change, some people just feel like they are outgrowing HS. Some people want to spend more time away for family, and religious reasons :) many things change.
I for one am not good with changes, but we have to accept them and move on :)


Everyone. Everyone does change. Like right now, people are becoming inactive because of school and more things irl.

How people have changed, I'm not the best to answer :wink:


This is getting deep


I WANNA BE A MOD! (Taking poptarts place...) lol


if you're answering my question as to why the forum feels different than know it isn't people leaving.


BuildASnowman is also a Moderator. :+1:

I'm not sure what's up with the suspension, but I know that Anonymous chose to be suspended. Let's not talk about it too much, though. Gossiping about other people (even if they aren't on the forum anymore) isn't very respectful. Thanks!


U can gossip about how boss I am once I have left!


I'm sorry I didn't realize this was gossiping I just wanted to know also I was hoping Anon would come to this topic and clear things up


Are you actually leaving or like just ssaying like in the far future because like please don't leave


We all know you're boss Senpai :slight_smile:


Not yet, in like 8 months! J.K I am staying!