I have some news...🙁


Lately I have been very busy
Making projects on my happy12345678910
Doing drawing requests on Happyanswers
Going on the forum
Watching anime
And it makes my head wanna explode...and to think I said this summer was going to be boring
And most of this. Stuff includes I pad time...and the thing that makes me sad is that I still think I will be able to finish the summer contest in time because I have a life outside of hopscotch too..and it makes me sad because some of u were looking forward to my project...but I will make it up to u guys..cause u r awesome..I will still do the project just it may not be done in time for July 21
I am very sorry @PandaBlossom that u may not see it in the contest page..but on the bright side it wi,, still go out..
Thanks for understanding..ask ur questions, post ur comments, down below...
And remember Don't look for HAPPYiness Creat it!!
(Lol that will be my qoute for everything I post at the end of the sentence just like Alex wassabi says if your not smiling ur doing it wrong!)


And too much I pad time will have a bad affect on my eyes......I hope u understand..remember all of you are amazong and I appreciate everything u guys to for me!!


Thanks Senpai for liking this... / @maltese


You're welcome! :0

I'm sorry to hear that! ;n;


Yes..I know it's very sad it's just that
I actually spend my whole day on the iPad and my eyes are going to turn worst and I will need glasses....and it doesn't mean I will not be on it just means I will have a limit,.i will post my schedule so that it will make everyone more Halley so that then they can expect when I will have a new project or when I will be on the forum!


Okay! :0

I'll definitely be looking at it a lot :3


Yep I'm thinking about what time I should, be on the forum more..cause it also depends on the day...I'm making a draft of it in paper first lol!


Sounds pretty cool! :3


Well if you want to be organized then make a schedule ok I gtg make it now be back later! I will @ u when I made it!


Bye! :3

Thanks, I was about to ask that! XD


Yes @happy12345678910 I will creat it

No offense I just found that funny


A tip for your eyes on your iPad screen! Turn the brightness down a bit if it's really bright.


Thank You!!


My schedule

Monday- on
Saturday- may be on or off

On the days of on
-I hour on the forum
-30 mins drawing requests (this will be the on,y thing that will change each day cause I can on,y draw when I feel like it)
-30- 1 hour on main account

I still don't have about times when this will happen but this is a rough idea and sometimes it may be a little more sometimes no but this is about....
And remember
Don't wait for HAPPYiness Create it!!


Yey! :3



Lol....thanks......also I will take a break now for the forum I wanna hang out with some people...lol....bye for now

And remember
Don't wait for happiness create it!!


Thanks for understanding @everyone