I Have Some News



Soo.. I have no clue how to start this topic. I am turning in my iPad on June 6th or 7th, the last days of school. Then, the last day of school, I drive to Florida. Soooooooooo... I have to leave hopscotch for the summer. I will still do the forum, but maybe not on as much as I usually am. I also am swimming a lot this summer and getting kitties, so I will be busy. Then I go to Glacier National Park for a week in August and won't have much iPad access. Then I get my iPad back in the beginning of the year. Also, I have been experiencing major ankle pains for about a year. I severely injured my ankle two days ago and it's still swollen. My friend is having the same problem and we do a lot of the same things, like swimming and playing outside. She went to the doctor and may be getting surgery, but it's clear to a lot of people that I may be getting a surgery. So I am trying to play outside a lot and other stuff so I can get it all in before I can't anymore. I won't be on as much. Hope you understand! :smiley:


We'll miss you while your gone! Have a fun summer!


That's so sad! Hmmmm, just imagine how many things that will change when u come back!


Have a good vacation!


So will loose my account (sugarcodes!)because of school!


Does your Mom or Dad have an IPhone? Or if you have your own. If so, then the IPhone Hopscotch app is going to be released in the up coming summer or sometime later!


I hope you have a great summer! And I hope your ankle won't have to get surgery!


Oh no! I'm glad your still on the forum though! I don't know what would do without you in the forum!!!


turn your ipad in? YOUR? my schools dont do that. they let us bring then in. did you borrow?


Aww! :cry: :open_mouth:

You will be missed! Try and come one in any way you can, please! So sorry to hear that!!!!

Do have fun though!

Your old friend,


Too bad, you'll miss the Hopscotch Summer Olympics and probably a part of Hopscotch World Series.
Anyway, goodbye.
Save up for a phone and get the iPhone Hopscotch Version!


He has a school iPad. And at the end of the year, they have to turn them in to the school.


My mom does, but the phone is old and she doesn't have space. I am also not allowed to play on it!


Just remindin,g I am a she. :slight_smile:


I will still be on the forum!


Well, at least that's a positiv thing...

Also, for the grammar police, I used the German word for positive


We'll miss you! Have a good vacation!


I also have to turn in my school iPad. Around the middle of June. I won't be able to do Hopscotch or the forum. I will miss you guys, but I don't have to say goodbye yet!


Aw! :cry: :frowning2:


Also, I'll be going to my grandfather's cabin in Tennesee and won't have good reception or Internet.