I have one of my "games' old version" to be featured, how can I get THT to feature the latest one?


My Numberity's revised version game is featured, but it's one of the old versions that are featured - what do I do?

Yeah, I know that some of you guys might say:
"Why are you reacting so much to that? At least your project was featured (and mine wasn't)!"
Well, yeah, unless the instructions don't work! When the instructions are done, it won't proceed to normal mode, and it won't tell the ways that you can lose!

"Why are you reacting so much to that?"
Because some may say: "Ken, your featured game is bugged, you su*k!", maybe "Ken, why did I lose? Your game is bugged, okay?", or maybe even "I need to restart the game just to play it? What the heck?"
, which I need to answer ALL OF THEM JUST BECAUSE THE GAME DOESN'T TELL THEM HOW!!!!!!!!! (sorry for caps)

"Ken, why did you put "Bugs" instead of "Help With Code"?"
Well, I think it's more of a bug than a mistake, and the old version has bugs, so that.


Maybe email them to ask?


@KVJ said it :D


I emailed them, but no luck, like, 4 days ago :frowning:

And I think they won't - because the old version already gained popularity, and I'm asking for like another feature because of that