I have noticed some bugs, also testing the categories


First bugs category user!

Well, anyway, since May, I have noticed a progress-losing bug, it must be the baby of Code Red.

I've been working on a project in my secret account that I finally finished yesterday, so does logging in and out of accounts have anything to do with it?
Nearly every time I had changed something, logged out and logged in to our account, then logged back in to my secret account, then I had lost all/some of the new progress I had made last time I was in the account!
I also lost a few objects I had added!
Well, there was a lot of codeā€¦

This should be fixed.

Also, any links you use? The project the link was for suddenly is in your drafts! If you have an account, of course.

Ugh, it's so hot, going to be 97 degrees F. tomorrow.

And you're welcome to tell about any other bugs here, too!




Please only use the #bugs category if there's a bug! :grin:

The THT checks through this category to check the bugs so posting randomness won't help them! :frowning:


I changed my bug reporting topic category :)


Well there is a bug, I was adding it, just wanted to tell the bug and be the first bugs category user.


Yep. This happened to me on my summer contest entry a few days ago. I added some squares, went to check a collab account, and when I came back, the squares were gone. (I just recoded them. XD)


this is what exactly happened to me!