I Have Not Left Yet


Guys, The Last Project I Posted Was 6 Days Ago. I Usually Post Everyday. I Have Not Left Yet Though. It's Just That Now I'm Having My Exams So I Have To Finish Those First. Then I'll Have To Do @FoodDelivery's Request. After That, You Guys Can Give Me Some Ideas. Please Don't Request For Anything Anymore Until Maybe Next Thursday. @FoodDelivery Was The Last Request For Now. I Have Some Projects Planned Already, So I'll Probably Make Them Next Week. Thanks!


What did Foody request for? Can't wait to see your trail art/ anything


Cool, thanks for telling uns!


He Requested A Trail Art.


Omg these posts are all at completely different times :0


If you need to finish exams, don't worry. We'll understand.


I Don't Get What You Mean.... Could You Explain?


one of them was posted a day ago, another post was posted a few hours ago, and the last one had been posted thirty minutes ago.


Thank you for letting us know :slight_smile: