I have no ideas



I have no idea what kind of games to make. I feel like I can code something, but I have zero ideas. Does anyone have any game ideas that they want coded but don’t know how to go about? Much appreciated.


You can take a look here for a huge list of ideas:


Lol, I copied and pasted that whole thing once, and turns out there’s like three words in there that are blocked now, so I got to scroll through the whole thing and put periods in so they wouldn’t get blocked…:sweat_smile:


WOW! That is long! :smile:


Go into the App Store. Type something RaNdOm in. Do one of those. Or do a game you already have.


Yeah, let auto-correct choose the first word, then choose the first option.


Good idea. I’m making a game that is similar to a game my brother has. I just published the beta. It’s still really buggy though… :slightly_frowning_face:


Test oh wow this is so cool! Thanks


That is actually really cool. Just pick a random game in the app store, or a game you have searched up, and try and recreate that. I like that idea.