I have just joined!πŸ˜„πŸ˜„


I have just joined the forum, but I have had hopscotch for a few years. I am very excited!



Im MrHotdog64!
Enough about me, how's your day?


I'm doing great. How are you?



What type of projects do you make?


Welcome! Tag me anytime you want help like this: "@KVJ"!

I'm KomplettverrΓΌcktjunge on HS. Who are you on HS?


Hello! Welcome to the forum!
If you ever need help, just tag me like this: @Sensei_Coder

I recommend checking out the Community Guidelines, which are the basic rules for the forum! :D

When did you start Hopscotching, by the way?


Heyo! On your first day, I'm pretty sure you only get 10 replies. So use them wisely. You will get unlimited when you get basic tho


I am Katerpants60, and I have followed you! Lol


I have started a few years ago, like in my first post.


Welcome! :D

We're glad to have you here :slight_smile:

Make sure to be nice and stay on-topic!

Tag me like this: @treefrogstudios if you need any help and I'm happy to give advice :D


Welcome! I'm so excited you're here! It's nice to meet you. I'm @Intellection74, and you can tag me (put an @ sign before my username) if you ever need any help.

I suggest reading this great tutorial about how to use this forum- it's super helpful. If you ever have any questions you can search them by using the aqua magnifying glass in the corner of your screen:

If you don't find an answer you're welcome to make a new topic!

Images courtesy of Liza, a member of the Hopscotch team. You can learn more about these types of things in the private message you got from Liza. :+1:


Btw you can edit your posts by using the little dots then press the pencil.

Oh wait just press the pencil idk anymore


Cool and thanks :smiley:


Welcome to the forum!


Ok! If you need help too, ask me because I have had hopscotch for some odd years.


Okay, thanks a lot :D

You're actually one of the only new people to the forums that offered to help others, instead of just being helped :D


What is your HS name?


My Hopscotch name is Katerpants60.


Cool. How long?

You're probably older and better than me in HS :joy:


I'm on by about 2end year, but only 10 yr old.