I have good and bad news



Well first things first im going camping tommorow until thursday so i cant go on hopscotch or the forum at all (actually i might be able to on the forum but chances are unlikely and even if i am able ill only be on for like a minute) but the good news is that by the time i get back ill be regular!!!! Which im super excited about! but tell me if im wrong about that...


You will get regular in 6 days if you keep visiting


Sounds good then!


Oooooo kewl how do you guys check that?


Mods have powers
They're like yoda but not green
Or little
And they don't speak weird
Ok they're not like yoda


But they do speak weird!




Do yes they. me like. A mod except I am not.


You soon I will see. Have fun. Becoming regular congratulations on




Bye we are leaving now!