I have free pm that you can use for collab passwords!


Title says it all, just tag me when you need one and I'll tag you in


Is that allowed???
first and first lol


I think it is, I really don't mind people finding out how many flags I have anyway :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
I won't use pm that are from the real Liza tho


Me. Is this allowed??


I. Guessing it is, il flag any thing that is bad
Lemme set u up


I don't think you can do that....


Pms aren't allowed...


Which confuses me because people are always making them


Only mods can make them


I was gonna use my one kajillion flag oms, also how do I get to all my pms AGIAN?


I don't think you can do this. No one is allowed to use. PMs unless setup by a mod.


I don't think you can get them back idk.


Okie then, anyway back to my question


Don't think that these are allowed
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"The real liza?"

Also, pm's are not allowed.


Right! They're not allowed! :grin:

If you are caught making one, we will have Liza check over your PM. After all, she can see everything that goes on here!


What you can make your own PMs now? Or does he mean add people to an old one you mods created with him in it?


He's just using Liza's posts when you get flagged to create PMs.


These aren't allowed.
With the automated messages, they're also not allowed. It's been discussed in another topic.
@Gilbert189 @SmilingSnowflakes @Intellection74 @Mathgirl @Kiwicute2016 @PopTart0219 @BuildASnowman
Consider this topic


I know that they're not allowed. :stuck_out_tongue: