I have diabetes



Hopes and dreams start playing
I hope you get better!


I love you


I ALMOST had diabetes but I stopped eating sugar... I don't know why I got it cuz I'm skinny..


Very good music for this situation :D


I just prayed for you! I am so sorry! I hope you feel better!


Do. Please. You are so nice it's not funny. :sleepy:


Stay strong @CrystalPanda. You're a strong girl and you can do. Stay strong!!


Why undertale ?! Also hope your alright @CrystalPanda




Because Undertale is the best! It fits in situations easily because of how emotionally effective Toby made the game :D


Fine :laughing:



Here, have a like! :heart:


Im really sorry to hear that. I know i cant do anything to help, but I just wanted to say you are an amazing coder and friend! I look up to u. (I know it doesnt seem like that because i dont like your projects, or anyones really) I LOVED your "Luna" project that was a cat. It was adorable and you have a talent for coding. Thats all I have time to say (I am on a spam like rampage), VanillaBlossom​:cherry_blossom:


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I didn't even know! I hope you'll be fine and wish you well! I have a friend with diabetes. I know how she feels. I also plan on studying medicine so may I ask on what type of diabetes you have? Also, get well soon!

Hope that you'll get better!


It is cool music too. And you're right...


I have type 2 diabetes where my body doesn't produce enough insulin


I am sorry to hear the news. You will be forever remembered in our hearts. You have made an amazing impact on this community don't forget it! I am always here for you. I hope your visits go well. I have people in my family with diabetes so I know how your family must feel. I hope you get everything you ever wished for. If you could tell me some of your favorite things, I would LOVE to make a project for you. Even though you most likely don't know me, I will do everything I can to help.


Of course I know you! And follow you too!


What is your hopscotch name I am making a surprise @CrystalPanda