I have been here for more then 60 days..I started in may


Will I get my regular badge?


You need to read loads of posts and other stuff .Ask @Kiwicute2016


@Kiwicute2016 I have been here since may and gave tons of likes and replies. Will I get my regular badge?


ImeanI mean I've been here since April.


You need to become a member first! So it might be a while :wink:


You haven't been here often. If you visit the forum more, you will get regular faster. You are still on basic, you have to get to member before you get regular. So visit the forum more, and you'll get a higher trust level!


I got regular cause I was active read posts and posted lots you have to get used to the forum to get the next trust level and you have to be trusted


I joined almost 4 months ago it takes time


I became a member after just three days
I just looked at this every few hours
And Bam I am a member so just come on more often


I don't even remember how I got my Regular badge…
…till now I lose it