I have been doing Hopscotch for over 3 years!


I have been doing Hopscotch for over 3 years now (as of feb 2)


Happy Hopscotch anniversary! It’s great to see that people stick on the app :ok_hand:

(I’ve been coding since on HS since 2013 :stuck_out_tongue: )

Ooh! I should teach you some cool Forum tricks! Don’t want your characters to fly away like this


Oop! Ok, it seems you’re out of posts. I can teach you how to edit since it is the only form of communication you can do so far

(or you can join the meta.discourse.com it’s another one of these forums)


Actually, I can give you the password to one of my alternate accounts who is a member
I’ll set that up


but then they will know ur email


O true
But hehehehehehehe it’s a fake alternate email :stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue: gotcha gotcha :joy:

Eh oops
Maybe I should change it


lol ya

how would you change it then?


eeeerm, change the pass? I think so hmhmhmh


welp ur smart xD
you’ll figure it out :joy:


Lol thanks okeedokers :ok_hand:


Happy Hopscotch Anniversary! I have also been on Hopscotch for three years :slight_smile:


Thank you @William04GamerA!!



Although my account hasn’t been on for that long, I have actually been hopscotching officially since 2014!

That is 4 years!!!