I Have Been Banned From Hopscotch



Plz do not flag. My mom said I could not go on my iPad anymore because of my addiction to hopscotch. We had a conversation at dinner.
My sister 1 just blurted out, "So Katrina (my name) went to Friend 1's house and all they were playing MineCraft."
Dad said, "Well then, no more play dates for Katrina."
I said to defend myself, "That was them! I didn't go on MineCraft! I don't even know how to play!"
My Sister 2 said, "No, all they ever do is hopscotch!"
That's when it got serious. I said, "No they don't!"
Mom said, "Is coding helpful to Katrina?"
Sister 2 and 1 said, "No, it's baby coding."
Sister 3 said, "BABY CODING!!!"
Mom said, "You can't go on your iPad anymore."
That's when I started to cry. I went to my room, tried to sleep, then I had to practice my cello, then go back to sleep. It was horrible. I have to return my iPad on Monday so I am preparing for my good bye. I'll miss @everyone. And yes, I have 4 sisters, and 1 brother.
Bye, VanillaBlossom.

I'm thinking of a hopscotcher!

I'm so sorry for you...:sob:

Yep, siblings can be super annoying.

Here is a <3 and a hopscotch hug


I am so sorry...

Thanks for the likes also tell her this

"Hey mom, this helps me prep for moving on to big kid Proggraming if I were to just start of on like Java it would be confusing but now if I picked up on it I could easily do it!"


I am so sorry, must be terrible. But she doesn't know that the iPhone version recently came out, does she?


No she probably doesn't...


But coding is helpful... it helps with math and helps prepare for the real thing.
But anyways, sorry that happened... sometimes siblings can be annoying.


Yeah I have two sisters that are sometimes they are annoying!


Hopscotch isn't baby coding and your family was being rude. You can still use the forum right?


That is just MEAN! You need to talk to your mom that Hopscotch isn't "baby coding". You rock! And I hope that your sibs apologize! They don't even KNOW how to use Hopscotch, let alone have an account!


That's...that's just... ;-;

Hopscotch isn't baby coding... ;-;

I hope you manage to convince your mom that what your siblings said isn't true. Coding is helpful.

If you can't... ;-;

Will you still be allowed to use the forum?

I would feel awful if I were in your situation. ;-;


No. I'm not aloud to use my iPad at all.


Omg my life would be ruined if that happened to me! Well, not litterly ruined but its still bad. @VanillaBlossom, do you have a computer or a phone?


Oh my.
Well that's sad.


Read my post!


Please do not say that. I bet they are doing what is best for me. I have been addicted to hopscotch.


I did. That's good advice.


This isn't good at all! I really hope you can find a way to come back soon, I'm going to miss you so much! ;-;


That was so mean of your sisters.
I think before your iPad goes away have a private, serious conversation with you mother or father because your sisters were not right about hopscotch.
Hopscotch is a very educational and fun app, it's not baby coding at all.

I'm so sorry!
Your one of my favorite hopscotchers on hopscotch!


Yeah. Make it clear to your siblings and mom that hopscotch isn't "baby coding," they don't even know what it is! Just know that they are incorrect, and that it would be news to them if they knew what some people have even MADE on hopscotch. I hope you feel better soon. Here's plenty of smiles and best wishes!


Hopscotch also helps with typing, and logical thinking. Hopscotch is very educational. It's not baby coding.