I have another glitch



And look I made a cupcake one and this is what happens in
Every projects! Clones just mess up!


well I see a similaritiy in all of these projects, le clones... I'd better take down a few projects (temporarily) until this glitch stops, (sorry those who liked watching the grass grow) xP




like me? power of your ipad!


waaaaaat!!!!!! hard reset your iPad that should not happen!!!


They started appearing in there for a while, then I had to restart my iPad.


I've had this before with sounds.


what iPad? (1, 2, 3, 4, air, air 2, pro, mini, etc)


i have a ipad air!


I have 4 and it hasn't happened to me too bad, but on the homescreen!?!


oh bears are popping up on the homescreen? now thats weird that is not happening to me!


I have an Air 2. It hasn't happened again though.


how would that happen on an air 2!?! I was expecting original iPad with that bad of a glitch!


Yeah, I know! But it hasn't happened anymore.


:confused: hmm... maybe the hardware isn't comparable with an older hopscotch?


I doesn't happen 2 me...


It wasn't long. Just random bears. Then I rebooted, and it stopped.


well, I is cunfuzzled


The Bear army will take over... MUAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH-


EXTERMINATE!! All bears will be EXTERMINATED from Hopscotch!!