I have another glitch



I have a glitch and i have seen this type of glitch before with some one else his was that in every project he went on it would say a long time ago in a galaxy far far away but mine is this fire and water glitch after I clicked this fire and water project can someone help?


This is what it looks like


This happened after I clicked @Rawrbear fire and water project


Do you mean the one with the "A long time ago in a galaxy far far away" and the lols? If you can, take a screenshot of it.


Yah I think this is the same glitch as that but just with this fire and water thing


Try refreshing the app


Ok I will


YAY it worked I am glitch free (I hope)


Any idea on why this happens? (just wondering)
Put it down here:


Probably because the clones are spawning clones AND the regular one is spawning clones, causing a device to not handle it well enough! That's what happens when you make insta-load backgrounds! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Put it on the list (that's why I made it public edit)


Ok my new scribblenauts game keeps on doing this when I click it

Um is this supposed to happen?
@Liza @Ian @moderators @admins


Check ur internet :wink:
I have the same glitch! I opened up one of XioMoiMi's projects with clones and then closed it. I opened up a request and BOOM! Clones everywhere!


Really? Which one? I never use clone-spawning-clones in my projects; just the original spawning clones.
I feel like saying sorry... So sorry about the glitch... I guess?


Don't say sorry. I dunno if it was you anyways!


Yah I think you were right about the wifi


When I went into @Rawrbear's bear army project every project I entered did this!


Weird it's happening again after I entered the same project! Curse thouse Bears! Haha lol


Bear army, hehehehehehe


I am going to make a cupcake army And see what happens all of @rawrbear's projects are cursed!