I have an announcement abt HS



so i haven’t really done much hs recently and i have lost all inspiration to code. however, i have been thinking abt coming back to the app under the same account!

it’s gonna be different for me, i haven’t coded with hopscotch in ages. and i haven’t coded with the new layout yet, so i may use this topic to ask questions. honestly, hopscotch has helped me de stress in the past and i am starting to realize due to recent personal events that i need this.

i am going to delete most of my projects, but i will be using the same account.



Why? I haven’t even seen your account…but why would that be necessary?


Just a warning there’s lots of bugs. They will be fixed soon though.


You’ll get used to every new update very quickly.


Awesome! I can’t wait to see your new projects :DDDD


well most projects of mine are very old and i just want a cleaner feed


That would be really cool if you could and want to come back to Hopscotch!