I have a values problem please help


Hey guys so I have a huge problem with values I just can't understand them. Every time I try to set a value to do something it always goes very wrong and I end up giving up.
Can someone please tell me what values are and how to use them?


Values are basically variables that can store a number when you tell it to. For example, let's say you have a value called "value" for some reason. It thinks of the number as zero (and uses that as the number) until you tell it to change.

When you increase a value you, well, increase the value by an amount. It will go from zero (it just started) to one (if you increased by one).

Set value makes that value that number. Let's say you set a value to three. If you put "change x by two plus value" you would get five. These are just the basics, so sorry if you already know this.

When the play button is tapped, Wait 500 milliseconds, Set Value "value" to five. The value "value" is zero because it didn't store anything yet. 500 milliseconds later, the value equals five.

What are values?

Can you post a screenshot of what your problem with values is, by the way?