I have a theory on making Hopscotch projects an app



Since we're getting a web player...
1. Either get embed code, or save the web player as HTML.
2. If you used the embed code save the embed code as HTML.
3. Install an app wrapper such as Intel XDK.
4. Use the webpage you got from step 1 as the project.
5. Compile!
So THAT'S how you can get Hopscotch apps on App Stores.
Let me know if this seems correct.
EDIT: ONLY Hopscotch is allowed to do this.
Hope that this will come true and Hopscotch can publish our Hopscotch projects on the app store! Thanks for your time.

Is there a way to download our game as our own App?

Oh and by the way, @Ian What's the % of how much the Web Player is done?


This is actually a pretty good idea, and I think you mean this, but just to clarify it would have to be done by Hopscotch, not you. If you, with no support from Hopscotch, tried to save their web player and post it as an app, you would be infringing their copyright because all of the code in that was not written by you.

But, other than that I think this is actually quite plausible, although I guess it sort of depends on how the web player works.


:open_mouth: https://community.hopscotch-staging.com/projects/xkrzqmdfr/show_gl


This is awesome. :grinning:
I fully support you!


That's true, Scratch Players got pulled off the App Store for the same reason.

Is there a way to download our game as our own App?

Wow! This is awesome!
Beta testers have all the fun!


OH MY GOSH, AMAZING!!! :scream::scream::scream::smiley::smiley::smiley: