I Have A Small Sugestion For Hopscotch


I Have A Little Thing I Would LOVE To Have In Hopscotch. Values For Colors!
This Would Be Very Useful For Me. The Values Could Be Listed As (H)(S)(B) Or (HSB) Or (R)(G)(B) Or (RGB)
This Would Be Very Helpful For All Of Us!
@Liza @Hopscotch

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You can do this already :slight_smile:


You can get to it by scrolling down underneath random. RGB And HSB are both included!


Exactly my thoughts :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I Already Know But I Mean Pre Made Values For Each Object So You Don't Have To Make Them


Isn't there a block to use for that already?


Guys, they don't mean the HSB block. They mean if they set the HSB to (20,30,40), they'd have values preset to those numbers. Like how x position is preset.


So like
[ H(_____) S(_____) B(______) ]

Still don't get the difference…