I have a really good idea but I need some users to volunteer. ( I want to use some Hopscotch names for this)



My idea is not going to be revealed yet it might be out in a week or two if you want to see it follow me The Coder :nerd:! If you really want a summary of want I'm doing just comment below!


Summary please!

This sounds interesting.


You might want to tell people what they would be volunteering for. :wink:


Ok! I'm doing a sort of adventure where the Hopscotcher controls the character and meets people around Hopscotch, I'm doing this cause I want people that are new to learn to code and some people that aren't well known to be more known around Hopscotch!


and you would have credit!


@AHappyCoder @Kitkat26


That sounds cool!

But I am busy with other stuff right now, so maybe some other time.
: D


Actually you don't have to do it you just be come a character. @Kitkat26



You can use my name.


I'd love to be a character!


Could I be a character? That sounds like an amazing idea! How did you come up with it?


Id love to be a character!

This is an awesome idea!!!


Can I be a character?! :D


Can u please make me a Character


Can I be a character? :smile:


Can may I be a character?

I'm pretty not-well known.(that made absolutely no sence)

Basically I'm the most unwellknown person I know on the forum.


May I be a coder
R u like a grammar fixer @Lightningstrike


Good idea!
I can't help with the code, I am doing a lot of collabs right now, but you can use my name for a character!


May I join?


What are your Hopscotch names? @Lightningstrike @DA-BEASTY @codingCupcake123 @Over_powered_wizard1 @smishsmash
@KVJ @Kitkat26 @EP125 @Malie @William04GamerA @AwesomeNachos I may not be able to use all names so if I don't please don't be made.