I have a question!


Ok.....so! I actually have a Hopscotch related question!!!! Alright so.....can u play hopscotch on the computer???? I read somewhere that someone used hopscotch on there computer! Is it true?!?!? Thanks friens!


I'm not sure if its true. But maybe, hopscotch beta works on the computer???


Unfortuanetly not.

We all are hoping that one day it'll be possible, right now the hopscotch team is working on other things but eventually one day I'm sure they'll be able to make it possible. ;)


Oh. I stand corrected


What's Hopscotch Beta???? I've never heard of it....


You can't make projects on a computer or laptop, but you can view projects on a computer or laptop by clicking a link to a Hopscotch project on a computer or laptop.


Sorry, you can't ;-;
U can follow links to play projects, but you can't have an acc, or make projects, u play them through the website ;-;

They should add computer HS but rn I think they are working on android! :D


Wait.....what?!?! I'm confuzzled.....


Hopscotch beta is the testing version. There are certain hopscotchers that have beta accounts and the beta app and look for bugs.

They're bug finders pretty much.


Beta is a version of something that isn't released yet. Hopscotch Beta is a version of Hopscotch that hasn't been released to the public- only Hopscotch beta testers. To be a Hopscotch Beta tester you can email THT. :smiley:


So I couldn't make anything or play anything on ma iPad???? Cause I have a special FlashPlayer app...


Your able to play apps on computers with a link.

Are you on a computer right now?


You can do everything in your iPad, as long as you have the hopscotch app!

But you can't do anything in the computer but follow links to play projects :wink:


Ok! Cool.....that sounds fun.....maybe I'll do that.....


I tapped on the link and thats what it brought me to.


Unfortunately no.....I'm on my iPad....does it need FlashPlayer???


Hmm... No. I don't think so.. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.......


Sigh......ma parents took the app away......no more hopscotch then.....


Then you can't make projects, and you can only play projects if someone posts the link, sorree ;-;


That's quite sad. Well atleast your also on the forum! Let me know if your able to ever play hopscotch again.