I have a question for all you artists!



Hi!! So I am coding a project right now (sry I'm not saying what,its a secret) but I really need to be able to draw on top of objects... is there a way to?? Plz help, @happyfacegirl



It is impossible


Is this by any chance for the summer competition? XD


Oh OK Thanks so much!


You can't draw on top of objects like text or characters using a leave a trail block. The only way to sort of do this is to make the object half invisible, then you can draw a little bit. But, if you use clones, you can draw on top and under objects! :D


@Bubbles4Ever929 is right! :D

But you can draw with shapes is you want it, but it will not turn out he best! :0_0:


Oh yah clones, that's really smart! Thanks for the help!


Yes it is XD...20 characters...


Well, if you set the shape to half invisible, then you can see the trail a little.. Good luck!


Well yes, but you have to use clones. Unless you want to sue leave a trail, make the object half invisible.