I have a question for a project!


So.... Im making an undertale thing...
Dont judge me I guess

Anyways I want the heart thing to move, but I want to use your finger to control it, but how do I make a white border? And how do I make it so when you move the blue bones hurt?
K thanks

Ideas for images

I don't have Undertale, so I can't help, but super cool project! It looks even cooler with the images!


Cool!! I wish I could help, but I don't know much about Undertale, so I might not be able to do anything. Could you explain exactly what you want to happen?


Border? Just make an object Draw a White trail around the screen...


Hmm... Try making the code:
when (heart) is pressed
[Follow Finger]

When (hearts x position) < (number)

Set position to (heart X position)

And if that works, repeat with the Y positions and the other X positions.

Tell me if it doesn't work! :D


You can try looking at my project for some mechanics but there's 562446256474 images so idk XD


I really did xD

But that would be plagiarism (in a way) and I could not find it.


The border's easy, just

Repeat forever
Check (last x < right box side)
Check (last y < up box side)
Check (last x > left box side)
Check (last y > down box side)
Set Position (last x), (last y)
Bunch of ends

The blue attacks could be

When (blue) bumps (heart)
Set value x to (heart x)
Set value y to (heart y)
Wait 5 ms
Check (x not equals heart x)
Check (y not equals heart y)
Increase value hp by -1
Bunch of ends

But idk


Thanks! I will try it tomorrow.
btw congratz on featured


Tell me if it doesn't work, I basically just came up with something on the spot XD

thanks! :D


It's not working... Anything wrong? (Btw it's right side)


Do you have a link or...


Sorry I forgot the image....


Why is there a set pos out of the check block


So the heart can move


That's what the set pos block in the check block does...


Oh.... Let me try that!




Yep :)