I have a problem - CLOSED



This is weird and bad. I have no idea who this guy is, but look

This is not me. This is bad. I don't want people thinking that is me.

@FoodDelivery's Impersonator!

I dont know waht to do...


You can remix his/her project kindly saying that it isn't you. Maybe it's just a coincidence that they named their self "FoodDelivery". Maybe they're a fan! Either way, I wouldn't worry about it too much.


What's your username on HS? I got an idea


this is weird.... look at the project


my username is FoodDelivery on HS


i might do that. But why would they pretend to be me?


oh how suspicious... the project is gone now


Cause yer AWESOME!!! :tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada:


Hi @FoodDelivery. Someone did this to my account and called it BlastFusion more. I was as puzzled as you so I emailed THT and they fixed it immediately. There're imposter accounts. Hope it helps!


ok i will...


But there're not available on weekends​:disappointed:


oh great now i cant even find the guy anymore.


OMG SOMEONES CALLED THEMSELVES BLASTFUSION1 !!!!! They've done it to me again!


Well maybe that's a good thing! Also... (I'm not saying that you are) but you could have made this account and is blaming it on someone else for attention.


this stinks. #problemswithbeingpopular lol


no i would never do that! i dont even know how that guy got the same name


Hmm... Maybe is just a glitch? Or they could put a space and then the username?


i dont know, but i cant find him


The "L" in FoodDelivery's name was probably replaced with a capital "i".