I have a new goal :D


I have set my eyes on a new goal :D My goal is to get the leader ranking! Because of this, you'll probably notice me on the forums a lot more. And I will actually post on other topics rather than the drawing topic, lol.

Anyways, I know you don't have to have the leader ranking to be a leader, and that leaders are helpful, kind, etc. So I'll just be doing that in the meantime while I work towards the leader ranks :D

Anyways, this is basically so you know why I'll be posting on every topics see now XD


Good luck,

thats REALLY HARD, but I think you could be able to do it :wink:


Everyone is a leader with or without a badge, just be yourself and try to help others!


Very true. c:

You're already a splendid and awesome person. c:

Just remember that you don't need to change yourself or stress yourself to get a badge. :0

Just be yourself! c:


If you work hard you can get the leader ranking, I know you can!


Good luck becoming leader!!!!
Supporting you,