I have a new contest!



Hey guys!! Guess what?

I'm holding a contest!

Thing is, I need a new Profile Pic. This one is getting a little old. My style changes overtime. Hasn't yours? I like slot of things, like ponies, foxes, just animals in general. My PFP is cool, getting to the point, but I need a new one! get my groove? Please look at the description!


-Don't copy another persons artwork! It can cause a lot of drama, plus you can get in trouble. So don't do it!

-Be creative! Duh!

-use bright colors and try to shade because it will increase your chances of winning, however it is optional. I'm also drawn to pastel colors, keep that in mind.

-you can draw anything, but some things I like include foxes, kawaii things, fruit, hearts with wings and a halo (lol) and kawaii ponies. These are all optional, but they will increase your chance.


1st Place: A shoutout, shaded request, follow, private chat with me, spam likes.

2nd Place: A colored request, follow, spam likes.

3rd Place: a sketch request, spam likes, short chat.

Honorable Mention: A follow and spam likes.

Thanks so much for joining the contest, and have a great day!

Now get drawing!


Oh wait. I almost forgot.

These are some people that I think are good artists!



Either on a private topic or some project on HS.


This violates the rules... idk bout this, could u change it? :grinning:


Ok erases that specific thing


Lol, I tried the private chat thing too, I got in trouble!