I have a new collab account called PeachyArtist if you want to join just fill out a simple form

I have a new collab account called PeachyArtist if you want to join just @ me. But the only thing we could do in this account is draw and make art pads. I will be picking people.
Here is a form:
Will you be nice?
Will you participate in this account?
Have you ever gotten in featured or trending?
Rate your self in art.
Rate your self making a art pad.
How may likes do you usually get on your projects?
Do you remix or make projects by yourself?
Username for forum:
Username for Hopscotch:
Show me example of your art on Hopscotch:
List of people who I let them join:

Password: have to ask me


Hello anyone here I am here


Am I allowed to join?

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Okay @PurpleFlames could you show me some of your art

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Sure here! The cheeks went a bit wrong

I mean drawings that you drew in Hopscotch @PurpleFlames

Oh I couldn’t publish this one but here


@PurpleFlames any other ones

Yes I do! Here you go:) it not my best:( I had a hacker in my account and he dipeleted the best one:(

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Could you I liked all your projects once I love your drawing your in you draw better than me @PurpleFalmes your in just tell me when your ready so I could tell you my password

I am ready now!

I won't tell anyone!

I can't get in! :(((

Might wanna delete that, quick.

I can't get in! Why is there a problem!

I am in!


I am so happy!

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Want to both start making a art pad @PurpleFlames but the problem is nobody else wants to join

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We can draw something on another pad for now!

I don't think it matters whether someone has gotten Featured.
Check out this topic:

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I know I read it but I just want to ask I am still going I let them in if people didn't get trending or on featured this might be there chance so I am letting everyone in @BellaWafflez17 do you like what I said

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@BellaWafflez17 do you like this idea or not